True Value: Revealing the Positive Impacts of Food Systems Transformation

This report True Value: Revealing the Positive Impacts of Food Systems Transformation presents powerful and compelling evidence that food systems transformation is possible and having an impact now. Conducted by TMG Think Tank for Sustainability, an inclusive and true cost evaluation approach is applied to six food systems initiatives featured in the Beacons of Hope … Continued


Food Systems of the Future: A Synthesis of Reports on Food Systems Transformation was commissioned from Meridian Institute by the Global Alliance for the Future of Food in order to explore the current thinking around the visions, strategies, and pathways to facilitate food system transformation. Food systems should provide healthy food and nutrition security; improve … Continued

On Climate and the Future of Food

A system as vastly complex as food requires a systems approach. To understand and influence the interrelated economic, ecological, and social drivers of our current food systems we are initially focused on the following three impact areas: agroecology; climate, health, and well-being; and true cost accounting. We aim to build a collective global case for … Continued

Ecosystems and agro-biodiversity across maize production systems

Smallholder farmers are critical to the management of biodiversity; Genetic diversity is central to climate resilience and the future of food; Crop management practices should enhance positive benefits and reduce negative impacts. This proof-of-concept TEEBArgiFood study explores the true cost of maize in Mexico, looking at dependencies and impacts across different regions and production systems. … Continued

Corn in the Mississippi Basin

In this study of corn in the Mississippi basin, the TEEBAgriFood evaluation framework is applied to understand and value links between produced, social, human and natural capital in two production systems. The study evaluates the true costs and benefits associated with conventional and organic corn production systems by examining all impacts and dependencies within the … Continued