Collaboration stimulates and catalyzes global systems change.

Immediate multi-dimensional action needed to transform food systems that are no longer fit for purpose. Strategies include policy change, reforms to governance and financial flows, movement building, and creating momentum behind inspiring visions of what’s possible. Through our work, we aim to create the conditions for change to happen.

Bold Calls to Action

From healthy diets and resilient production practices to governance and economics that impact the entire value chain, these seven Calls to Action touch on all priority aspects of food systems change. They have been elevated time and again by our members and collaborators, and each addresses the critical underlying structures that hold back much-needed transformation.

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Transformational Investing in Food Systems

The Transformational Investing in Food Systems (TIFS) Initiative is a three-year initiative (2020-2022) that will enhance impactful investing in the aligned value chains of global food systems. TIFS works to amplify pathways, share insights, and develop tools to support holistic food systems investing that generates positive returns, both financial and otherwise. It is an Allied Initiative of the Global Alliance which partners with the Agroecology Fund and others to advance the work.

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Funders for Regenerative Agriculture

Funders for Regenerative Agriculture (FORA) is a five-year initiative creating affiliations with multiple funder networks to inform, educate, organize, provide collaborative opportunities, and recruit new collaborators in support of regenerative agricultural systems. Members of FORA are land stewards, researchers, storytellers, strategists, holistic managers, community leaders, organizers, and advocates. FORA was an Allied Initiative of the Global Alliance until 2021.

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True Cost Accounting Accelerator

The TCA Accelerator is strengthening and mainstreaming true cost accounting as the tool of choice to assess and shape sustainable food supply chains. It is driven by a diverse dedicated community of practice that convenes individuals from academia, NGOs, corporations, and policymaking all pursuing the goal of transforming food systems by making visible hidden costs and benefits along the food supply chain. The TCA Accelerator is an Allied Initiative of the Global Alliance.

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