At the Global Alliance for the Future of Food, we recognize that transformative change in our food systems requires collaboration and networked action. We believe that we can help achieve greater impact when multiple and diverse initiatives intersect, creating momentum and tipping points toward sustainable and equitable food futures. It is in this spirit that the Global Alliance launches Allied Initiatives: aligned but independently run, programs that operate strategically to advance the Global Alliance’s set of food systems principles: renewability, health, equity, resilience, diversity, inclusion, and interconnectedness. These initiatives design and test innovative approaches that expand the core competencies of the Global Alliance and amplify our systemic impact, and are reliant on the support of Global Alliance members and others.


Transformational Investing in Food Systems (TIFS)

The Transformational Investing in Food Systems (TIFS) Initiative is a collaboration of funders and investors dedicated to applying a systems lens to investing for both financial and non-financial returns. By better-integrating grant and investment capital, TIFS aims to mobilize financial capital for companies, funds, producers, and infrastructure that build agroecological and regenerative future food systems. Embracing the opportunities presented by impact investing, systems literacy, and market growth, TIFS seeks to generate measurable returns in landscapes and communities that benefit food producers consumers, the planet, and investors.

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True Cost Accounting Accelerator (TCAA)

The Global Alliance launched a True Cost Accounting Accelerator (TCA Accelerator) to strengthen and mainstream true cost accounting (TCA) as the tool of choice to assess and shape sustainable food supply chains and to facilitate the widespread adoption of measurable, transparent approaches like TCA to move us forward. The TCA Accelerator identifies and tackles the primary obstacles that today prevent TCA’s full adoption: elevating awareness and understanding of TCA among private and public sector decision-makers through targeted engagement, communications, and analysis, and driving convergence toward common principles, frameworks, metrics, and operational guidelines to drive food system transformation at different scales. Led by a diverse and committed steering committee of food system leaders from philanthropy, business, civil society, and academia, the TCA Accelerator plays a vital role in creating a more sustainable and equitable food future.

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Learn more about the history of our work with Allied Initiatives, including Funders for Regenerative Agriculture (FORA), here, as we forge ahead to cultivate a nourishing and resilient global food landscape.