Food systems transformation

is a shared responsibility.

Our vision is of healthy, equitable, renewable, resilient, inclusive, and culturally diverse food systems shaped by people, communities, and their institutions. We share a commitment to bold action and challenging the status quo while identifying positive alternatives.

Working together for collective impact

Facing interconnected food crises, the imperative to transform our food systems is clear. The next few years are critical. As an alliance of foundations, we’ve identified four high-impact strategic priorities that we are advancing with our members, partners, and allies.

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The Challenges We Face

Food systems are at the center of many of the critical issues we face today; from climate change and demographic shifts to political unrest and economic vulnerabilities. The case for systemic change, from policy to practice, has never been clearer.

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Our Strategy

We believe in the power of working collaboratively to effect positive change. We strengthen the diverse evidence base for global systems change, convene key voices to facilitate dialogue and build stronger connections, and accelerate action to bring about transformative change.

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Stories of Transformation

Around the world, an extensive network of people and initiatives are working to transform food systems. These Beacons of Hope each contribute inspiring solutions to urgent global issues such as COVID-19, climate change, migration, urbanization, and the need for healthier and more sustainable diets.

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