Food systems transformation is already happening.

Beacons of Hope show us how food systems can be transformed to address critical global issues such as climate change, migration, urbanization, the need for healthier and sustainable diets, and more. They are evidence that food systems transformation is possible and that it must be accelerated.

Through our Beacons of Hope network we showcase people and organizations around the world who are addressing food systems challenges in creative ways. They show us how to push back against the status quo, dominant business models, and established policies and regulations. As case studies, they are proof that the transformation we collectively seek as a global community is possible.

These stories of inspiration point to how initiatives – such as regenerating landscapes and seascapes, enhancing livelihoods, restoring people’s health and wellbeing, and reconnecting with Indigenous and cultural knowledge – can help us achieve sustainable, equitable, and secure food systems.

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Frameworks for Transformation

Beacons of hope: Accelerating Transformations to Sustainable Food Systems

Learn from the initiatives working in diverse ways to achieve sustainable, equitable, and secure food systems.
Frameworks for Transformation

True Value: Revealing the Positive Impacts of Food Systems Transformation

A true cost evaluation approach is applied to six food systems initiatives featured in the Beacons of Hope series.