As a strategic alliance of philanthropic foundations, our mission is to leverage our resources and networks to help shift food and agriculture systems towards greater sustainability, security, and equity. We believe in the urgency of transforming global food systems, and in the power of working together and with others to effect positive change.

Since 2012, the Global Alliance for the Future of Food has been engaged in an innovative approach to funder collaboration. How we work is a critical component to realizing positive change. We emphasize the active participation and engagement of member foundations from all over the world.



Seven guiding principles

Our work is guided by a set of seven shared principles: renewability, resilience, equity, diversity, healthfulness, inclusion, and interconnectedness.

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Our Theory of Transformation

Genuine food systems transformation takes place when diverse actions, networks, and individuals intersect across sectors and issue silos, global and local contexts, and macro and micro perspectives.

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Our Evaluation Methods

Each of our approaches for Monitoring & Evaluation are mutually reinforcing and fit together to provide a comprehensive picture of how we are promoting food systems transformation.

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Our Operational Values

We are guided by six shared operational values that define how we work together, both as an alliance and with external partners.

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Our Calls to Action

We developed seven bold Calls to Action that we believe are critical pathways for creating a better future of food. Each of the Calls to Action addresses the critical underlying structures that hold back much-needed systems transformation.

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