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Global Alliance welcomes new members: The Rockefeller Foundation and Crown Family Philanthropies

The Global Alliance for the Future of Food is pleased to announce that both The Rockefeller Foundation and Crown Family Philanthropies have joined our alliance of over 20 philanthropic foundations working together and with others to transform global food systems now and for future generations.Read More

Announcing a new Global Alliance impact area: climate resilience

The Global Alliance is eager to announce that in addition to our three impact areas – agroecology, health and well-being, and true cost accounting – we are establishing a fourth impact area on climate resilience to help build a collective global case for transforming food systems in the face of climate change and for a reduction of up to 30% in food-systems-related greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.Read More

Toward a shared action framework for resilient seed systems

In October 2018, 93 people gathered for a strategic convening on resilient seed systems hosted by the Global Alliance, in Oaxaca, Mexico — a globally important centre of origin for corn and other crops. The combination of a diverse group of participants with deep expertise related to resilient seed systems, and the influence of Oaxaca’s landscape, farms, culinary traditions and unique biocultural history, led to important discussions, insights, and ideas.Read More

Building our collective understanding of the true cost of food

In June 2018, the TEEBAgriFood Scientific and Economic Foundations Report was launched prior to World Environment Day in New Delhi, India. The intellectual and theoretical foundations for the TEEBAgriFood evaluation framework are developed in this report. And with this framework, we have an important opportunity to test the power and potential of true cost accounting across food and agriculture systems.Read More

Blogs, Videos & Webinars

climate changing world video

The Future of Food in a Climate Changing World

In early May 2017 the Global Alliance for the Future of Food brought over 250 experts and leaders from the local to the global to gain deeper insights into the connections between climate change and food systems, to craft visions of the food systems we need today and tomorrow, and to chart potential pathways to get there.Watch Now

What’s the True Value of True Cost Accounting?

At Dumfries House, Scotland, in early May 2018, HRH The Prince of Wales and Sustainable Food Trust hosted a convening on the Future of Food and Farming, with the Global Alliance for the Future of Food as a collaborative partner. In connection to its ongoing work on the positive and negative externalities of the food system, the Global Alliance hosted a session on true cost accounting (TCA) with a stellar panel.Read More

The global importance of maize diversity

Lauren Baker recently visited Mexico in preparation for a strategic convening the Global Alliance is planning on resilient seed systems. While in Oaxaca, she saw first-hand how the deep historical connection to the milpa (maize system) is tied to socio-cultural and culinary traditions, local livelihoods, as well as the region’s ecological diversity.Read More

Finding the True Cost of Food

Finding the True Cost of Food

Supported by a range of subsidies and other government policies, cheap food has been linked to environmental, health and social problems. In January 2018, The Agenda welcomed Global Alliance Executive Director, Ruth Richardson, and TEEBAgriFood Study Lead, Alexander Muller, to discuss how true cost accounting frameworks like TEEBAgriFood can transform the food system towards more sustainable practices.Watch Now

Food-Health Nexus Webinar: Live Recording + Q&As

On 12 December 2017 the Global Alliance for the Future of Food hosted a webinar presenting the findings of the recent Unravelling the Food-Health Nexus report. The webinar recording is now available, along with a Q&A Summary with responses from report lead Cécilia Rocha and webinar discussants Roberto Ciati, Simon Poole, and Olivia Yambi.Listen Now

PFE Week: Evaluating Collaborative Principles Supporting Shared Commitment

In the fall of 2017, the American Evaluation Association featured a blog about the Global Alliance’s principles-based approach to collaboration, written by the Global Alliance’s Blue Marble Evaluator, Pablo Vidueira.Read More