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Global Alliance for the Future of Food commissions Biovision Foundation for Ecological Development to identify “Beacons of Hope” in the transition to sustainable food and agriculture systems

The Global Alliance for the Future of Food is pleased to announce that Biovision Foundation for Ecological Development was the successful respondent to a request for proposals to lead a new study called “Beacons of Hope,” the aim of which is to demonstrate the positive benefits of transitioning towards sustainable food systems.Read More

Global Alliance, USC Canada to host side-event “Co-creating Solutions for Agricultural Biodiversity”

The Global Alliance for the Future of Food and USC Canada, along with co-sponsors SwedBio at Stockholm Resilience Centre, African Centre de Biodiversity, Asociación ANDES, ETC Group, MELCA-Ethiopia, will host a dynamic panel “Co-creating Solutions for Agricultural Biodiversity: In Farmers Fields and at the Policy Table” as part of the Convention on Biological Diversity COP13.Read More

Seeds of Resilience: Towards a Shared Action Framework

This past September the Global Alliance for the Future of Food launched its latest publication The Future of Food: Seeds of Resilience, A Compendium of Perspectives on Agricultural Biodiversity from Around the World at the International Union for Conservation of Nature World Conservation Congress in Honolulu, Hawai’i.Read More

Food Systems: The Nexus of our Planet’s Most Critical Issues

Climate change, food security, and the health of humans and the environment are some of the most pressing concerns of our day. There is a growing recognition that to tackle these issues we must open up dialogue across “special interests” and work together.Read More


iucn congress 2016

IUCN Congress 2016

September 2016

The Global Alliance was invited to host a high-level meeting at the IUCN World Conservation Congress 2016 on how efforts towards sustainable food and agriculture link with conservation. Executive Director, Ruth Richardson reported back to the full congress at a keynote address at the opening session, and moderated a panel with leaders on this topic.Watch Now

un political forum

UN Political Forum on Sustainable Development

September 2016

WHO, together with the FAO, launched the United Nations Decade of Action on Nutrition in July 2016. The Global Alliance was asked to speak at a High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development to explore how governments can work with partners to improve nutrition outcomes.Read More

Ruth Richardson

EAT: Stockholm Food Forum

20 June 2016

Ruth Richardson, Executive Director of the Global Alliance for the Future of Food, talks about creating a new narrative for sustainable food systems, at the EAT Food Forum in Stockholm.Watch Now

Achim Steiner

Achim Steiner

20 June 2016

The Global Alliance for the Future of Food is a new alliance of foundations committed to leveraging our resources to help shift food and agriculture systems towards greater sustainability, security, and equity.Watch Now

Prince Charles

2015 International Dialogue

20 June 2016

A message from His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales for the Global Alliance International Dialogue in Milan, 18-19 May 2015.Watch Now