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How to Transform Food Systems: 7 Calls to Action

The Global Alliance for the Future of Food has developed seven bold Calls to Action that we believe are critical pathways for creating a better future of food. How to Transform Food Systems | 7 Calls to Action presents this collection. 

Elevated time and again by our members, partners, allies, and those we have collaborated with over the last eight years, each of the Calls to Action address the critical underlying structures that hold back much-needed systems transformation. These statements crystalize all of our dialogue and research into seven practical pathways designed to stimulate local and global action, and accelerate much-needed and deep structural change:

  1. Ensure inclusive, participatory approaches to governance as a way to address the structural inequities in food systems.
  2. Increase research for the public good that emphasizes indivisible ecological, health, social, and economic goals.
  3. Account for the environmental, social, and health impacts of food systems policies and practices in order to inform better decision-making.
  4. Direct public sector investment toward ecologically-beneficial forms of farming, healthy food, and resilient livelihoods and communities. 
  5. Unlock investment opportunities in sustainable food systems and align private, philanthropic, and multilateral funders with national food systems actors.
  6. Create enabling environments where agroecology and regenerative approaches flourish.
  7. Promote nutritious, sustainable, whole-food diets adapted to local ecosystems and socio-cultural contexts.

To understand how the Calls to Action can be acted upon, we share an illustrative story of an initiative drawn from our Beacons of Hope program of work. The Beacons of Hope initiatives showcase the groundswell of people transforming food systems and each is an inspiring example and provides evidence that transformation is possible.

Translated versions of the Calls to Action are available in: Creole, English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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These 7 Calls to Action that are designed to further catalyze systems transformation.