Discussion Papers, Systems Thinking


The Global Alliance for the Future of Food has developed seven bold Calls to Action that we believe are critical pathways for creating a better future of food. Now is time to reach for visionary and bold structural change – rather than piecemeal approaches – through a multisectoral approach and with a range of actors stepping up to the plate to connect, collaborate, and take shared ownership of the future of food.

Published today, this discussion document 7 Calls To Action for Food Systems Transformation draws upon work commissioned from seven colleagues to help establish a baseline understanding of each Call to Action, to identify where the potential opportunities are for collective action, and to create space for further discussion. It is our hope that these Calls to Action will resonate with the many other people and organizations working toward food systems transformation worldwide.

If you’d like to share your thoughts on the Calls to Action, we’d love to hear from you. You can do so via this online survey. We will be reviewing the text periodically, ensuring that the Calls to Action continuously build upon the insights and feedback received. To keep updated about how the Calls to Action develop and/or our engagement plans, please sign up for our newsletter.