The Global Alliance for the Future of Food is committed to food systems transformation. Our transformation agenda is guided by seven shared principles: renewability, resilience, health, equity, diversity, inclusion, and interconnectedness. These principles serve two important functions in challenging the status quo and moving us toward a more desired future. Principles for Food Systems Transformation … Continued

Guiding principles for the future of food

At the Global Alliance for the Future of Food we believe in the urgency of transforming global food systems, and in the power of working together and with others to effect positive change. Our work is guided by a set of seven shared principles: renewability, resilience, equity, diversity, healthfulness, inclusion, and interconnectedness. These principles shape our … Continued


Profound changes in the way food is grown, gathered, processed, distributed, consumed, and wasted over the last several decades have led to increasing threats to a future of food that is sustainable, equitable, and secure, particularly when coupled with climate change, species extinction, increasing globalization, and shifting global economics, politics, and demographics. “Frameworks for Transformation” … Continued

Beacons of Hope: Food Systems Transformation Report & Toolkit

The Beacons of Hope initiative showcases the groundswell of people transforming our food systems in dynamic and creative ways. They are inspiring examples and evidence that transformation is possible. Alongside the report, the Food Systems Transformation Toolkit provides a guide for discussion and collective action. It also provides recommendations on how to accelerate meaningful food … Continued

TEEBAgriFood Evaluation Framework

Making an economic case for the true costs and benefits of various food and agriculture systems is essential for forging a pathway towards a sustainable future of food. As a cornerstone of our work on externalities, the Global Alliance for the Future of Food is a key supporter of TEEBAgriFood, a project housed at the … Continued