25 February 2021 This discussion document 7 Calls To Action for Food Systems Transformation draws upon work commissioned from seven colleagues to help establish a baseline understanding of the 7 Calls to Action, which we believe are critical pathways for creating a better future of food. This draft document helps to identify where the potential … Continued

Health & Well-Being: A Shared Vision and Narrative

Transformational change will not occur without a shift of narrative and mindsets, an inspirational vision of what is possible, and a recognition that ecological and animal health are integral to human health, well-being, and happiness. The Global Alliance has launched a shared vision and narrative in order to foster more dialogue on the opportunities to accelerate the … Continued

A Statement on Sustainable Animal Agriculture Systems

In spring 2016 in Washington, D.C., the Global Alliance for the Future of Food met with experts, advocates and other funders in philanthropy working on sustainable animal agriculture systems* to determine a shared narrative and position, and identify opportunities to take collective action. Emerging high-level messages: Animal agriculture and meat consumption sit at the nexus … Continued

Seeds of Resilience: A Compendium of Perspectives

Agricultural biodiversity is essential to the future of food. A deep pool of biodiversity will ensure that we have plant species and varieties that can withstand changing weather patterns. Agricultural biodiversity is directly connected to global nutrition, dietary health, cultural and culinary diversity, and to the resilience of local economies and markets. Seeds are central … Continued