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Climate Emergency and the Future of Food: Transformation for a 1.5C World

The Salzburg Process | Online 21 April – 6 May 2020

Bringing together more than 300 diverse changemakers, experts, and leaders from local to global levels, the Salzburg Process on the Climate Emergency and the Future of Food was an international dialogue, co-hosted by the Global Alliance for the Future of Food and Salzburg Global Seminar, dedicated to accelerating the actions, investments, and policies needed for healthy, equitable, resilient, and diverse food systems. Mixing thought-provoking presentations and curated conversations with knowledge exchange and informal interactions, the crosscutting objective of this dialogue was to connect individuals and networks and, where possible, to build strategic alignment on key areas for transformation at the nexus of climate and food.

Originally planned to be an in-person conference spread out over a week, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic meant that the dialogue was delivered as a series of virtual events. In May 2021, the Global Alliance and Salzburg Global Seminar published a Reflections and Learning Pathway, a synthesis of the Process, the discussions, the feedback, and our takeaways as the convenors.

Post-event report

Reflections and Learning Pathway

This document provides a draft narrative and reflections on the cross-cutting imperatives for systems transformation.

To support the Salzburg Process, we commissioned five discussion papers on these “hot topics” central to the food-climate nexus: nature-based solutions, livestock production, sustainable and healthy diets, food loss and waste, and just transitions. These discussion papers were created to act as a catalyst for informed debate amongst participants from a diversity of sectoral, geographical, and cultural perspectives. They were not meant to be comprehensive overviews of each topic, but instead an entry point for discussion, debate, and deliberation, ultimately leading to deeper understandings of areas of convergence and divergence across participants.

food-climate Discussion Papers

5 Hot Topics

These draft papers served as entry point for discussion, debate, and deliberation during the Salzburg Process meetings.

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