CFS-47 side event: Upholding integrated, participatory and inclusive food systems governance

Upholding integrated, participatory and inclusive food systems governance through the CFS and UN Food System Summit processes 11 February 2021  ** Watch the recording of this session here. Videos with interpreted Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish are also available ** This side event at the 47th Session of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) … Continued

Ecosystems and agro-biodiversity across maize production systems

Smallholder farmers are critical to the management of biodiversity; Genetic diversity is central to climate resilience and the future of food; Crop management practices should enhance positive benefits and reduce negative impacts. This proof-of-concept TEEBArgiFood study explores the true cost of maize in Mexico, looking at dependencies and impacts across different regions and production systems. … Continued

Corn in the Mississippi Basin

In this study of corn in the Mississippi basin, the TEEBAgriFood evaluation framework is applied to understand and value links between produced, social, human and natural capital in two production systems. The study evaluates the true costs and benefits associated with conventional and organic corn production systems by examining all impacts and dependencies within the … Continued

The Malawi Maize AgriFood System

The notion that maize is central to food security in Malawi is a widely held view. To date, however, ‘maize-led development’ has produced disappointing outcomes. The study provides an overview of the historical, political, environmental context of the maize agrifood system in Malawi, and uses the TEEBAgriFood framework to analyze maize in relation to three … Continued

Resilient Seed Systems: Strategic Convening

Agricultural biodiversity and resilient seed systems are essential for accelerating the transition to agroecological systems as a core solution to the future of food. In the current context of climate change and global food insecurity, there is an urgent need for seed systems that protect seed diversity and enhance nutrition and food security. At this … Continued