Pablo Vidueira, PhD., is a systems change and evaluation consultant, researcher, facilitator, and professor based in Madrid. With the Global Alliance, he uses evaluation and systems concepts, methods, and tools — as Developmental, Principles-focused, and Blue Marble Evaluation — to support the Alliance in making sense of, learning from, acting on, and adapting to the complexities of global and local food systems transformation. As a researcher, Pablo employs systems and evaluation theories and methods in working with others enhancing food systems resilience and equity. Pablo’s teaching and advising activities are developed with universities, foundations, and think tanks in Europe, America, and Africa. Previously Pablo has served as an evaluation consultant for organizations such as the World Food Program, the United Nations Population Fund, and the European Commission. Pablo has served as program co-chair of the Systems in Evaluation Topical Interest Group of the American Evaluation Association, and as the elected president of a regional professional evaluation association in Spain and Portugal, APROEVAL.