Matt Dunwell has run Ragmans Lane Farm, a 60-acre farm using permaculture principles for over 22 years. Over this time the farm has hosted hundreds of courses in permaculture and sustainable land use, teaching over 2,000 people. Matt has also worked as Trustee of the Tudor Trust, a grant giving Trust based in London and giving mostly within the UK, for nearly 30 years. He chairs the Africa Committee within the Trust, funding about 30 small organizations in Zimbabwe, Uganda, Kenya, and Zambia. This committee is focusing on farmer-to-farmer information exchange, and has run recent conferences in Uganda and Kenya on farmer-to-farmer exchange (2008), and also the challenge of running demonstration centres (2006), and how to hold your vision and purpose as an organization (2010). Tudor’s approach is to create a space for groups to offer peer-to-peer support, so that local good practice is shared and there is less reliance on outside intervention. Matt has a keen interest in local food and local markets. He was a founder member of Transition Bristol and Transition Forest of Dean, and co-wrote the first local food directory in the UK.