Isabelle Netto, MSc, comes from an interdisciplinary background in the Food and Beverage industry. Through her dynamic leadership roles, she brings a strong focus on process improvement and project management to her role as Operations Coordinator. Previously, she has guided companies from startups to SMEs with documentation management, regulatory compliance, and audits in Food Safety, Quality Assurance, Health & Safety, Organic, Non-GMO, and Kosher production. She has generated SOP databases and developed internal processes and manuals for training and onboarding, communications, production, HR, supply chain, contractor management, and change management. Isabelle comes from a water and sustainability background, having also worked in sustainability strategy consulting, environmental impact benchmarking research, municipal water treatment optimization research, and participated in many sustainability, ecology, and systems-thinking projects in Canada, Brazil, Ecuador, Kenya, and Madagascar.

Isabelle is based in Toronto. She is a fermentation specialist and World Beer Awards Judge and has been a beer and fermentation speaker at numerous conferences, webinars, workshops, and podcasts.