Anna Ruggerini is Member of the Board of the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition (BCFN). She is responsible for the daily operations of a dynamic Foundation based in Italy and funded by the Barilla Company. She is committed in translating evidence based scientific data into effective policy recommendations, communication, tools and events to enable stakeholders to make informed choices on food for our health and for the one of the Planet.

The sustainability of the global food system, from field to fork, is a core activity at the BCFN Foundation. Multiple initiatives were launched to reach a worldwide audience to spread the urgency for change. Among others, the Double Pyramid on Food and the Environment, showing that foods that are good for your health are also those with a lower environmental impact, the Food Sustainability Index, developed with the Economist Intelligence Unit, analyzing the performance of 25 countries with relationship to nutrition challenges, sustainable agriculture and food losses and waste, the Food Media Award, an initiative to raise awareness on underreported news on food and its impacts on communities and the environment, the Food Sustainability Report, a quarterly report to raise awareness on the international discussions about food and nutrition on four main areas: media, scientific research, laws and policy.