Global Alliance welcomes new members: Laudes Foundation and Macdoch Foundation

The Global Alliance for the Future of Food is pleased to announce that Laudes Foundation and Macdoch Foundation have joined our alliance of philanthropic foundations working together and with others to transform global food systems now and for future generations.

Since 2000, Laudes Foundation has joined the growing movement to accelerate the transition to a climate-positive and inclusive economy. Its work is designed to respond to the dual crises of inequality and climate change by supporting brave, innovative efforts that inspire and challenge the industry to harness its power for good. It provides its partners with philanthropic capital, expertise and connections, and works collectively with and through the built environment and fashion industries and finance and capital markets sector to help catalyze systems change. 

“Recognising that food has an outsized impact on both climate and inequality, Laudes has started exploring the food system, focusing on connecting and learning in the next few years. We are excited to join the Global Alliance for the Future of Food, which brings together knowledge, connections and thought leadership, and look forward to collaborating with other members in this important community.” – Katy Hartley, Director of Strategy, Laudes Foundation.

The Macdoch Foundation seeks to build the resilience of people and the planet. In a decarbonizing economy, there is an ongoing need to support food production and the livelihoods of regional communities. In the face of an escalating nature crisis, there is also a need to regenerate agricultural landscapes by building the capacity of landholders to invest in nature to support ecosystem function, as well as reduce emissions. At the core of Macdoch Foundation’s work, food systems transformation is a way to address these twin needs, with people at the center. 

“Agricultural systems that aim to address emissions at the source can be a significant part of the climate mitigation and adaption solutions. These agricultural systems are ecologically, socially and importantly, economically sustainable. They support biodiversity, rebuild soil fertility, spread risk, build resilience against extreme climate, and sustain production yields over time. These systems produce significantly less GHG emissions and can work to sequester carbon in healthy ecosystems, in trees and in soil. We look forward to working with our Global Alliance colleagues to bring about this transformation of food systems, that support nature at their core. By working together and sharing our knowledge, experience and networks,  we will realize the positive and necessary changes we are seeking.” – Michelle Gortan, Chief Executive Office, Macdoch Foundation.  

As we start 2023, it is critical that philanthropy combines efforts for deep systems change, and uses this opportunity to take action, and inform a new relationship between people, the planet, and the food we eat. Business-as-usual has severe negative impacts environmentally, socially, and economically; and food systems reform requires that we craft new and better solutions at all scales through a systems-level approach and deep collaboration. 

Building on our diverse membership, we are thrilled to have Laudes Foundation and Macdoch Foundation join us in this critical work.