Supporting smallholder farmers and communities across Ethiopia

Gizaw Gebremariam remembers how farmers laughed the first time the Institute of Sustainable Development (ISD) team introduced the concept of row-planting in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region. Row-planting, which involves raising seedlings in plant beds and transplanting them in rows with plenty of space left between, was an unused practice at the time. Years later, Gebremariam … Continued

Magazines and more for this global network of family farmers

From small-scale agriculturalists to fishers to pastoralists and beyond, family farmers are at the heart of our food system. In fact, an estimated 80% of food produced worldwide comes from a family farm. The AgriCultures Network is an international group of organizations that supports these farmers and promotes the exchange of agroecology knowledge and experiences. … Continued

An agroecology approach structured around social and gender equity

There’s no shortage of topics to chat about when Anita Chitaya visits her neighbours. Chitaya is a long-time Community Promoter with Soils, Food and Healthy Communities (SFHC), a farmer-led nonprofit based in northern and central Malawi. On this particular day, Chitaya is meeting with Jennifer and Winston, a couple in her village. The conversation starts … Continued