How We Work

We are not institution-building, we are creating an alliance that is collaborative, needs-based, focused, and responsive to the contexts in which we are working.

At the core of our collective vision for a sustainable future of food sit 6 principles: renewability, resilience, diversity, equity, health, and interconnectedness. These guide our work, and create a diagnostic, assessment and strategic intervention tool for realizing a more sustainable, secure and equitable future of food.

Through a “big tent” approach we aim to make space for diverse voices from within the Global Alliance and beyond. Member foundations each bring their perspectives, expertise, and philosophical underpinnings to the collective work of the Global Alliance, and we reach out regularly to gain insight and support the inclusion of diverse stakeholders.

Our emphasis on active participation and engagement of member foundations and others is guided by shared values of:

  • Being strategic so we influence landscape level shifts suited to our unique role as funders
  • Sharing leadership with members who take initiative and lead key components of our work
  • Being collaborative with one another and others in the field
  • Finding relevance through strategic connections to other systemic initiatives
  • Being reflective to inform action built on evaluation, feedback loops, and flexibility

In terms of our internal processes, this requires critical funder involvement and the learning associated with grappling with difficult issues, being part of the work, taking on leadership roles within the collaborative, and applying that learning both within the context of the collective, and individual foundation settings.

We embrace complexity and a global systems view, recognizing that food systems reform must, by nature, be viewed holistically.