Advancing Well-being

The Advancing Well-being Working Group aims to strengthen the fundamental role that food systems play in creating and sustaining health and well-being in all communities and populations.

The Advancing Well-being Working Group seeks to promote policies and actions that:

  • Enhance access to healthy, high quality food at affordable prices through diverse outlets
  • Minimize the marketing and distribution of foods that contribute to disease and inequities in health
  • Support healthy and resilient community environments
  • Bolster vibrant cultural identities and traditions

The Advancing Well-being Working Group supports the following projects and initiatives:


Health Externalities and Impacts Paper

The Global Alliance for the Future of Food has commissioned IPES-Food to review and synthesize evidence related to health impacts and externalities of the food system, and to produce a report that will make transparent the state of research and existing body of evidence related to health impacts and externalities in the food system, identify gaps and opportunities, and recommend how we might strategically advocate for food systems reform related to health. The report is due for release in early 2017.

Advancing Health and Well-being in Food Systems: Strategic Opportunities for Funders

In early 2015, the Global Alliance commissioned four scoping papers from experts-in-the-field of food systems policy and practice on institutional food, non-communicable diseases, dietary guidelines, and workers’ rights. The papers focus for each strategic area on effective actions already happening in the field, challenges and barriers to change, and recommendations for funders wishing to make a positive impact.