Climate Change

Global Alliance members agree that addressing climate change is critical and urgent, with many already committed to either working directly on climate change or placing their work in the context of climate change as an important driving force for their activities.

Together, we are exploring the nexus between climate change and food systems and have initiated collaborative projects to strengthen our understanding of the connections between climate change and food systems, such as:

  • A major paper assessing impacts and opportunities related to the complex relationships between climate change and food systems that addresses important relationships between food systems and national/global efforts to mitigate climate change and create an environment in which food systems can be resilient and adapt in a changing environment.
  • A strategic convening of key stakeholders in Spring 2017

Climate change is central to all our mandates and the interrelated issues of climate change and food and agriculture will only become more important in the years ahead.  We need to make sure that it informs our work.

Jane Maland Cady

Global Alliance Steering Committee Member and International Program Director for The McKnight Foundation