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True Cost Accounting for Transformative Change Compendium

8-10 April 2019 in Brussels, Belgium

Interest in true cost accounting (TCA) as an important tool for food systems reform is growing. This strategic convening in Brussels, Belgium in 2019 brought together diverse business, donor, civil society, research, government, and food systems leaders from across the world to create a space for cross-sectoral dialogue about the future of food and TCA’s role in accelerating transformative change.

TCA Applications Compendium

What we are learning from early applications?

A summary and synthesis of 7 TCA and TEEBAgriFood applications.

Forging partnerships between individuals and organizations who have the capacity to enhance and amplify the precision, power, and potential of true cost accounting (TCA) is critical to accelerating the transition toward more sustainable food systems. During the convening stakeholders worked together to:

  1. Advance a shared understanding of how we currently account for the true cost of our food systems through a review of frameworks, methodologies, and applications.
  2. Illuminate the potential of TCA by showcasing examples from agricultural producers, companies, and governments.
  3. Highlight the TEEBAgriFood Evaluation Framework and its application in different geographies and contexts.
  4. Identify key barriers and opportunities to improve, amplify, and apply TCA across food systems at different scales and in different geographies.
  5. Develop a shared narrative, identify opportunities to align priorities, and identify resources to take TCA to the next level.
  6. Build a broad network of critical change agents aligned to share priorities.

The meeting synthesis provides more detail on what was achieved.

TCA Convening

Synthesis Report

Summarizing the highlights, outcomes, and priority actions.