The Food-Energy Nexus - Climate Opportunities for Cross-Sector Collaboration Webinar

7 September 2023 | 16:00 – 17:30 pm UTC
Location: Virtual.

Cohosted by Global Alliance for the Future of FoodMcKnight Foundation, Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems Funders (SAFSF), and Walton Family Foundation. This is a free, funder-only event.

Over the past several decades, strategies to reverse climate change have focused on decarbonizing the most emissions-intensive sectors: nearly three-quarters of global greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) come from energy use for electricity, heating and transport. Nevertheless, we are expected to surpass the emissions budget to stay within 1.5ºC before the end of this decade due to all the fossil fuel emissions that have accumulated in the atmosphere. While energy use contributes to nearly three-quarters of global GHG emissions, food systems contribute to one-third. While we must continue to advocate for food systems transformation to be a climate priority, it cannot come at the expense of a phase-out of fossil fuels. A clean energy transition will not happen without food systems transformation, and vice versa. 

This workshop will explore how fossil fuel dependency is holding back food systems transformation, focused on environment, health, and justice. Join us to better understand how food systems and energy systems intersect with one another and explore opportunities for synergies and collaboration.  

  • Share emerging insights, key messages and recommendations from a global food-energy nexus opportunities assessment
  • Stimulate dialogue on opportunities and benefits of cross-sectoral collaboration
  • Identify opportunities and interest for near-term collaboration

This 90 minutes virtual workshop will feature:

  1. Presentation of insights and key messages from a food-energy nexus opportunities assessment commissioned by the Global Alliance for the Future of Food 
  2. Panel discussion with foundation representatives, experts, and campaigners targeting food systems, synthetic agrichemical/fertilizer production and use, and fossil fuel phase-out – 
  3. Facilitated breakout group discussion to explore the tensions, synergies and opportunities for better collaboration

The results of the food-energy nexus opportunities assessment will provide a better understanding of the interconnectedness of food systems and energy systems (including fossil fuels) considering tradeoffs, synergies, gaps, and opportunities between them. It aims to support philanthropic foundations, policymakers, and climate advocates to explore a more coordinated approach to food systems transformation vis-a-vis fossil fuel phase-out and clean energy transition strategies. The presentation will form the basis for participants to both reflect and take action.

The workshop will feature a diversity of perspectives from sectors (food, nature, oceans, health, land, energy), geography (global north, global majority), race, and gender.


Michael Bosse, ClimateWorks Foundation
Patty Fong, Global Alliance for the Future of Food
Anna Lappé, Global Alliance for the Future of Food

Mark Muller, Regenerative Agriculture Foundation
Michael Roberts, McKnight Foundation

Lisa Tostado, Center for International Environmental Law.


7 September 2023
16:00 – 17:30 pm UTC
Location: Virtual
This is a free, funder-only event.