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COP28: Urgent Need for Comprehensive Transformation in Food Systems


Dubai, 13 December 2023

Following the conclusion of COP28, and in response to the Global Stocktake and Global Goal on Adaptation, Patty Fong, Program Director at the Global Alliance for the Future of Food, said

“For the first time, the link between climate change and food systems was front and centre at this COP, which is welcome. Endorsement of the Emirates Declaration on Food and Agriculture by 158 countries is a big step forward, although it’s a shame the declaration makes no reference to fossil fuels. Strong references to the need for resilient and sustainable food systems in the text on adaptation were also welcome.

“However, there was not enough recognition overall of the imperative of transforming fossil-fuel dependent food systems to cut global emissions. With food systems accounting for over one-third of GHG emissions this is a big oversight. The scale of oil-and-gas apologism at COP28 – coupled with the sizable meat and dairy lobby present – blocked progress on this.

“Equally, the lack of detail on where the money will come from to help low-income countries adapt and transform agriculture and their wider economies in the face of a rapidly changing climate is disappointing.

“Countries have just 14 months to revise and submit their NDCs ahead of COP30. We need to focus on transformational pathways that address both mitigation and adaptation together. This should include a shift to regenerative and agroecological food systems, and sustainable whole-food diets (especially in high-consuming countries).”


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