The Global Alliance for the Future of Food welcomes the launch of “True Cost Accounting for Food – Balancing The Scale,” a new volume out today. Co-edited by Dr. Lauren Baker, Senior Director of Programs at the Global Alliance, Balancing the Scale is a comprehensive look at how True Cost Accounting is an effective tool to address the pervasive imbalance in our food systems and drive transformational change, from policy to practice. The volume was co-edited by Paula Daniels and Dr. Barbara Gemmill-Herren, and published by Routledge/Taylor & Francis. 

Balancing the Scale explores the economics, policy, and practice of True Cost Accounting and how we understand the actual costs and benefits of different food systems. It also explores the environmental, social justice, and human facets of True Cost Accounting, with contributions on everything from the relationship of True Cost Accounting and climate change to investment strategies, the “fake meat” debate, the transformative potential for tipped restaurant workers, and more. 

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From the true cost of corn, rice and water, to incentives for soil health, the chapters economically compare conventional and regenerative, more equitable farming practices in and food system structures, including taking an unflinching look at the true cost of cheap labour. 

“Just three months out from the UN Food Systems Summit, we need a strong and informed debate about food systems transformation,” said Ruth Richardson, Executive Director of the Global Alliance for the Future of Food. “This important work by Lauren, Barbara, and Paula informs, inspires, and will further stimulate action around True Cost Accounting. True Cost Accounting is a critical contribution to systems thinking that connects agendas, links solutions for policymakers, and provides a blueprint to a healthy, resilient, equitable future of food for all.” 

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