True Cost Accounting for Transformative Change Compendium

Interest in true cost accounting (TCA) as an important tool for food systems reform is growing. This strategic convening in Brussels, Belgium in 2019 brought together diverse business, donor, civil society, research, government, and food systems leaders from across the world to create a space for cross-sectoral dialogue about the future of food and TCA’s … Continued

The Malawi Maize AgriFood System

The notion that maize is central to food security in Malawi is a widely held view. To date, however, ‘maize-led development’ has produced disappointing outcomes. The study provides an overview of the historical, political, environmental context of the maize agrifood system in Malawi, and uses the TEEBAgriFood framework to analyze maize in relation to three … Continued

TEEBAgriFood Evaluation Framework

Making an economic case for the true costs and benefits of various food and agriculture systems is essential for forging a pathway towards a sustainable future of food. As a cornerstone of our work on externalities, the Global Alliance for the Future of Food is a key supporter of TEEBAgriFood, a project housed at the … Continued


At Dumfries House, Scotland, in early May 2018, HRH The Prince of Wales and Sustainable Food Trust hosted a convening on the Future of Food and Farming, with the Global Alliance for the Future of Food as a collaborative partner. In connection to its ongoing work on the positive and negative externalities of the food system, the … Continued

Economics of food systems is a major driver of change

Back in September 2016, the Global Alliance co-hosted a discussion, with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), that brought together global leaders from government, business, civil society, philanthropy, multi-laterals and other sectors to better understand how to accelerate transitions to sustainable food systems, and how sustainable food and agriculture can be a positive force … Continued

Unravelling the Food-Health Nexus

Unravelling the Food-Health Nexus: Addressing Practices, Political Economy, and Power Relations to Build Healthier Food Systems presents an urgent case for reforming food and farming systems on the grounds of protecting human health.