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Transitioning to a sustainable, secure, and equitable food system requires global dialogue and action, coordination across multiple sectors that do not ordinarily work together, attention to local and global equity and cultural life-ways, and a strategic focus on systemic solutions and policy opportunities to support sustainable change.

The Global Alliance develops, commissions, and publishes research and tools to: 1) inform our individual member foundations; 2) guide Global Alliance collective action; and 3) stimulate an understanding of critical issues related to food system reform as an important step towards a much-needed global dialogue. Our publications are made available to the broader community as a contribution to thinking and discussion, and so that together we can collectively accelerate effective food systems transformation on the ground, across scales and geographies.

Global Alliance Publications Directory

expert interview animal agriculture

Expert Interview Summary | Animal Agriculture Convening

To inform the Global Alliance convening on animal agriculture in 2016, Meridian Institute engaged a diverse cross-section of experts, with varied perspectives and expertise on the complex issues and relationships within animal agriculture systems, such as consumption, production, externalities, climate change and the role key actors might play in supporting pathways to more sustainable livestock production and meat consumption.Read More

teeb agri food report

TEEB for Agriculture & Food Interim Report

TEEBAgriFood aims to show the cost of food production, distribution and consumption across various system types and scales when environmental, health, social and cultural externalities and impacts are calculated. This Interim Report presenting the TEEBAgriFood Evaluation Framework was launched in December 2015 at CoP21 in Paris.Read More

real cost of food

The Real Cost of Food: Examining the Social, Environmental, and Health Impacts of Producing Food

Funded by the Global Alliance, this Food Tank report aims to give an overview of the current work being done on true cost accounting and help point a way forward for future work on this issue. It is meant to be a call to action towards instilling better accounting measures in food and agricultural production.Read More

against cheap food thumb

Against Cheap Food

This aide-memoire was commissioned by the Global Alliance from Raj Patel as a creative summary of proceedings on the occasion of its International Dialogue 2015 in order to stimulate information-sharing, learning, discussion and collective action around sustainable food and agriculture systems reform.Read More

global statement thumb

Global Alliance Statement on U.S. Dietary Guidelines

When the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Department of Agriculture was reviewing the U.S. Dietary Guidelines in 2015, the Global Alliance made a submission calling for the inclusion of sustainability as a fundamental principle to healthy eating and long-term health.Read More

five themes thumb

5 Cross-Cutting Themes: Global Alliance International Dialogue

This summary reflects cross-cutting themes on potential pathways to more sustainable food and agriculture systems that emerged at the Global Alliance International Dialogue 2015. It reflects the voices of diverse stakeholders from philanthropy, academia, multi-laterals, NGO’s, civil society, private sector, food activists, farmers and students.Read More

teeb for agri food thumb

TEEB for Agriculture & Food: Towards a Global Study on the Economics of Eco-Agri-Food Systems

This early TEEBAgriFood study builds on the earlier successes of The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) by exploring the latest evidence to paint a global picture of our agricultural and food systems. This body of work provides a detailed look at the dependencies on ecosystems and biodiversity, impacts on human and ecological well-being and health, and the underappreciated role of small-scale farmers.Read More

landscape assessment thumb

Global Sustainable Food and Agriculture: A Philanthropic Landscape Assessment

Commissioned by the Global Alliance and produced by the Meridian Institute, this report shows how foundations are playing an important role in influencing shifts towards more sustainable food and agriculture systems. It informs us who is funding what and where, and what the critical issues and priorities are moving forward.Read More

advancing health thumb

Advancing Health and Well-being in Food Systems: Strategic Opportunities for Funders

This compendium of papers was commissioned by the Global Alliance in collaboration with the authors for use by Global Alliance members to stimulate information-sharing, learning, and collective action towards strengthening the fundamental role that food systems play in creating and sustaining health and well-being in all communities and populations.Read More

Resource List: Supporting Agroecological Movements and Food Systems

This resource list was compiled for use at the Global Alliance International Dialogue 2015 as a tool to inform discussion and chart potential resources for use by agroecology advocates and supporters.Read More