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Transitioning to a sustainable, secure, and equitable food system requires global dialogue and action, coordination across multiple sectors that do not ordinarily work together, attention to local and global equity and cultural life-ways, and a strategic focus on systemic solutions and policy opportunities to support sustainable change.

The Global Alliance develops, commissions, and publishes research and tools to: 1) inform our individual member foundations; 2) guide Global Alliance collective action; and 3) stimulate an understanding of critical issues related to food system reform as an important step towards a much-needed global dialogue. Our publications are made available to the broader community as a contribution to thinking and discussion, and so that together we can collectively accelerate effective food systems transformation on the ground, across scales and geographies.

Global Alliance Publications Directory

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The True Cost of American Food Conference

This summary report highlights the landmark conference held by Sustainable Food Trust in April 2017,  ‘The True Cost of American Food,’ supported in-part by the Global Alliance. Over two days, more than 100 US and international speakers presented evidence to quantify and monetize the hidden costs of food production and explore how we might implement a logical, economic system based on the latest evidence.Read More

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Draft Report: Climate Change & Food Systems: Assessing Impacts and Opportunities

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A Briefing Note on the TEEBAgriFood Initiative

March 2017

March 2017 Briefing Note was prepared by the Global Alliance to provide members and other key stakeholders an update on where the TEEBAgriFood initiative is at, and what next steps are for 2017/2018.Read More

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A Statement on Sustainable Animal Agriculture Systems

In spring 2016 in Washington, D.C., the Global Alliance for the Future of Food met with experts, advocates and other funders working on sustainable animal agriculture systems to determine a shared narrative and position, and identify opportunities to take collective action.Read More

The Future of Food and Agriculture: Quantifying the Social and Environmental Benefits and Costs of Different Production Systems

To address the need for a true cost accounting of food systems, Dr. Harpinder Sandhu, of Flinders University, South Australia, has developed a new assessment tool, which identifies, quantifies and monetises these costs.Read More

IUCN Congress 2016 Keynote Address: Connecting the Transition to Sustainable Food and Agriculture with Conservation

September 2016

The Global Alliance was invited to host a high-level meeting at the IUCN World Conversation Congress 2016 on how efforts towards sustainable food and agriculture systems link with conservation. Executive Director, Ruth Richardson reported back to the full congress at a keynote address at the opening session, and moderated a panel with leaders on this topic.Read More

Future of Food: Seeds of Resilience

Commissioned by the Global Alliance, this report brings voices from around the world together to weigh in on a future that protects and improves resilient seed systems. A core report written by agricultural biodiversity researchers Emile Frison and Toby Hodgkin, is complemented by commentaries from a range of diverse experts, including organic farmers, community activists, business representatives, researchers, and scientists.Read More

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TEEBAgriFood Exploratory Studies

These exploratory studies provide a proof-of-concept for the TEEBAgriFood valuation framework in that they demonstrate that it is possible and necessary to evaluate and then value agro-ecological systems at different scales, across a diversity of systems, and assessing trade-offs (e.g. higher yields versus lower agro-biodiversity).Read More

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The True Cost of American Food Conference | Plenary Session Videos

Co-sponsored by the Global Alliance, Sustainable Food Trust’s True Cost of American Food Conference brought together a wide range of leaders and interested citizens to address one of the most critical barriers currently preventing sustainable food systems becoming mainstream – the failure to recognize the true costs of producing food in different ways. These videos highlight both plenary and parallel sessions.Read More

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Meeting Summary | Global Alliance for the Future of Food Animal Agriculture Convening

This summary highlights discussion at a convening hosted by the Global Alliance in March 2016. The convening brought together 18 foundation representatives and 12 experts to consider issues related to global animal agriculture, with the goal of developing a shared understanding of the landscape of issues related to livestock production and meat consumption, to know who is funding what and why, and to identify the gaps and opportunities.Read More