Animal Agriculture

Animal agriculture and meat consumption are issues at the nexus of sustainable food systems, climate change, health, environment, and well-being. In order to better understand the complexity of these issues, the Global Alliance for the Future of Food commissioned Meridian Institute to conduct research to explore key trends, gaps, opportunities, and challenges in pursuing more sustainable animal agriculture.

In March 2016, we invited Global Alliance members and other funders, along with experts-in-the-field to Washington, DC, where Meridian Institute presented an Expert Interview Summary Report, and facilitated dialogue around identified key issues relating to meat systems and the externalities of meat production, environmental impacts, and consumption trends, nutrition and health.

We have since been working with an advisory committee consisting of Global Alliance members and others working in this space to develop A Statement on Sustainable Animal Agriculture and are together charting the role the Global Alliance and broader funding community might play in supporting pathways to more sustainable, secure and equitable meat systems globally.

Sustainable animal agriculture and more balanced approaches to meat consumption world-wide have the potential to have a positive impact on climate change, health, the environment, and well-being.

Scott Cullen

Global Alliance Steering Committee Member and Executive Director of Grace Communications Foundation.