Unravelling the Food-Health Nexus Webinar

Unravelling the Food-Health Nexus: Addressing Practices, Political Economy, and Power Relations to Build Healthier Food Systems

Join the Global Alliance for the Future of Food for our upcoming webinar!
Tuesday 12 December 2017

8:00 – 9:00 am PST | 11:00 am – 12:00 pm EST | 5:00 – 6:00 pm CET

For anyone interested in the Food-Health Nexus, this webinar will feature Lead Author Cécilia Rocha sharing highlights from a new report, Unravelling the Food-Health Nexus, that shows how unhealthy work conditions, contamination of water, soil and air, contaminated foods, unhealthy diets, and food insecurity interact in interrelated, self-reinforcing, and complex ways. Dr. Rocha will highlight five leverage points that can be used to build healthier food systems.

Roberto Ciati, Scientific Relations & Sustainability Director of the ‎Barilla Group, Dr. Simon Poole, Cambridge-based medical doctor, author, broadcaster and commentator, and Olivia Yambi, Co-Chair of IPES-Food, will respond to the report’s findings and recommendations, followed by a Q&A.

The discussion will focus on what action we can take collectively to accelerate a shift from a food system that often results in harm to a system based on health promotion and protection.

Please register for the live event, here. Kindly register as soon as possible, as we have limited spaces left due to high demand. Many thanks to those who have already registered. If you are unable to register, we thank you for your interest and will be sharing a recording of the event on our website.

Please feel free to share the report, graphics, and event details widely in your networks, #FoodSystems4Health.

I look forward to having you join us,

Lauren Baker
Strategic Initiatives and Programs
Global Alliance for the Future of Food