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Global Alliance welcomes Walton Family Foundation

The Global Alliance is pleased to welcome Walton Family Foundation to its strategic alliance of philanthropic foundations working together to transform global food systems now and for future generations. This brings the alliance up to 27 international foundations committed to strategic, collaborative action for food systems transformation.Read More

FoodSIVI report launch: Top five resources for true cost accounting

FoodSIVI (an Oxford project involving several academic, industry and civil society partners) launched a new report, entitled Valuing the Impact of Food: Towards Practical and Comparable Monetary Valuation of Food System Impacts, which marks an evolution in true cost accounting — both a movement and a tool to measure what matters in our food systems.

 Read More

Actionable Frameworks for Food Systems Transformation

As we watch COVID-19 travel a well-worn path of inequity worldwide, Frameworks for Transformation play a key role in moving us from the status quo toward positive visions for the future.Read More

IKEA Foundation becomes a member of the Global Alliance

Today, on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the Global Alliance is pleased to welcome IKEA Foundation to its strategic alliance of philanthropic foundations working together to transform global food systems now and for future generations.Read More

Principles and the Future of Food

At the Global Alliance, our work is guided by a set of seven shared principles: renewability, resilience, equity, diversity, healthfulness, inclusion, and interconnectedness. These principles shape our vision of the future of food, express our values, and encompass the change we want to make.Read More

Dancing with food systems transformation in a time of global crises

Against the backdrop of our commitment to food systems transformation and the global coronavirus pandemic, here’s a translation of Donella Meadows’s deep wisdom on 14 ways we must learn to dance with food systems transformation in a time of global crises. There is no more urgent time for philanthropy to know and face the realities of the Anthropocene and dance accordingly.Read More

True price of coffee is on the menu in Amsterdam

Amanda Jekums, Program Coordinator, Global Alliance for the Future of Food

In February 2020 in Amsterdam, the Global Alliance gathered 45 global experts committed to accelerating true cost accounting methods and approaches as a means to create sustainable food systems.Read More

Action on biodiversity loss starts with seeds

Lauren Baker, Director of Programs, Global Alliance for the Future of Food

As accelerating climate change and biodiversity loss threaten life on this planet, our home, we find ourselves at an urgent crossroads. We need food systems transformation — from industrial food systems to sustainable and diverse food systems – and resilient seed systems are at the heart of this transformation. Seeds are central to a future of food that is renewable, resilient, equitable, diverse, healthy, inclusive, and interconnected.Read More

Why having a vision matters

When it comes to food systems transformation, we believe that multiple visions of the future need to exist across geographies, sectors, and scales, and that they must reflect the reality of local needs and circumstances. If we attempt to determine simple, linear “visions,” this will only lead to top-down siloed approaches to solution-making and leave broken food systems intact. As we anticipated this critical year in the decade of action on climate and the environment, we wanted to better understand what our peers, partners, and networks were thinking when it comes to charting the way forward for future food systems.Read More

The Global Alliance formally adopts a Theory of Transformation

By Michael Quinn Patton, author of Blue Marble Evaluation and Senior Evaluation Advisor to the Global Alliance

For the last 25 years, design, planning and evaluation have been dominated by the mandate that interventions be based on a theory of change. In January 2020, the Global Alliance for the Future of Food transcended the theory of change approach by formally adopting a theory of transformation. This conceptual breakthrough comes at a critical time when, in the face of the global climate emergency, the need for transformation has become the clarion call of our times.Read More