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Systemic Solutions for Healthy Food Systems

  • Urgent case for reforming industrialized food systems can be made on the grounds of protecting health, and leaders know it;
  • National governments called to radically change approach to policy and practice, building resilience and improving food security outcomes post-COVID-19;
  • Case studies from around the world show that the best recipe for impact is the combination of collaboration across food systems stakeholders and clear leadership from governments;
  • New suite of recommendations focus on vision and leadership, governance, fiscal incentives, education, collaboration, research, and innovation.

Systemic Solutions for Healthy Food Systems is a guide for governments to take action for better food systems that promote human, ecological, and animal health and well-being. The Guide provides 14 recommendations to tackle the interconnectedness of food systems through policy and practice.

Governments can show real leadership through integrated and inclusive approaches to food policies. The recommendations suggest they commit to stricter governance, to health-promoting fiscal measures, and to greater focus on research and innovation.

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Systemic Solutions for Healthy Food Systems: A Guide to Government Action

14 recommendations to build resilience and improve food security outcomes

The Government Guide is supported by international case studies included in its companion publication, Systemic Solutions for Healthy Food Systems – Approaches to Policy & Practice. Examples of collaboration between national governments, food producers, community groups, businesses, researchers, investors, and civil society organizations include, organic agriculture subsidies in Germany, food security policies in France, consumer information law in Chile, soil health success stories in China, and nutrition programs in Rwanda.

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Systemic Solutions for Healthy Food Systems: Approaches to Policy & Practice

What can be achieved food systems policy and practice reforms?

With a call to move away from a productivist “feed the world” narrative towards prioritizing human, ecological, and animal health and well-being, the Guide advocates for greater government intervention and leadership in a context of collaboration and deeper dialogue.

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