25 September 2019

Strategic Convening:
Climate Crisis and the Future of Food

New York, United States

Food and agricultural production are significant contributors to, and heavily impacted by, climate change, but also offer opportunities for positive, transformative action. Despite a growing body of literature on climate change and agriculture, relatively little analysis has been done on climate change and food systems. This narrow focus on agriculture and climate prevents consideration of a broad range of promising mitigation and adaptation strategies, such as regenerative agriculture and agroecology, reducing agriculture and food waste, and improvement of public health. Narrowly targeted interventions have also limited impact at the wider system level where transformation is both possible and urgently needed. A broader food systems approach creates more levers and opportunities for radical change at scale. It also means that the full range of stakeholders can be engaged in the transformation required.

This flagship meeting aims to:

  1. Foster understanding of key linkages between food systems and climate change
  2. Identify priority actions and opportunities for collaboration between climate and food systems stakeholders
  3. Catalyze new ideas and inform development of a major international Climate and Food Symposium to be held in May 2020 in Salzburg, Austria

This meeting targets globally influential stakeholders in the United Nations (UN) and Climate communities who will be in New York City for the UN Climate Change Summit. More than 150 people from a range of perspectives and sectors are registered to participate.