22-26 October 2018

Strategic Convening: Resilient Seed Systems

Oaxaca, Mexico

Agricultural biodiversity and resilient seed systems are essential for accelerating the transition to agroecological systems as a core solution to the future of food. In the current context of climate change and global food insecurity, there is an urgent need for seed systems that protect seed diversity and enhance nutrition and food security.

Building upon the Global Alliance’s 2016 publication The Future of Food: Seeds of Resilience, A Compendium of Perspectives on Agricultural Biodiversity from Around the World, we are bringing together diverse actors at a strategic convening in order to draft a Shared Action Framework for resilient  seed  systems. The Shared Action Framework will identify principles, a common narrative, needs and opportunities for supporting resilient seed systems, areas of convergence and divergence, potential scale(s) for impact, relevant intervention points, strategies for driving change, and roles for different actors and sectors.

At this participatory convening we aim to:

  1. Build trust and dialogue among key seed systems stakeholders;
  2. Articulate principles for resilient seed systems and for working together;
  3. Create a common narrative about the strategic importance of resilient seed systems;
  4. Collaborate on the development of a Shared Action Framework for global, coordinated action to support and enhance seed systems resilience; and
  5. Identify steps required to refine the Shared Action Framework, engage additional stakeholders, and develop an implementation strategy.

Prior to the convening we did a survey of participants in order to better understand perspectives and key issues related to resilient seed systems. The survey results have been integrated into the meeting materials and agenda.

This is an invitation-only meeting in which we hope to create an inclusive, safe space for dialogue. We encourage participants to share their viewpoints at the meeting and in public forums, as well as on social media, but we ask that discussion throughout the meeting is not made public.