2nd International Dialogue:
The Future of Food in a Climate Changing World

What are the food systems we need now and into the future in a climate changing world?

If we as a global community are going to meet our Paris commitments and realize a climate- and food-positive future, we must navigate potential obstacles and opportunities and weigh associated environmental, economic, social and cultural implications, together.

In early May 2017 the Global Alliance for the Future brought together over 250 experts and leaders from the local to the global to gain deeper insights into the connections between climate change and food systems, to craft visions of the food systems we need today and tomorrow, and to chart potential pathways to get there.

Programme highlights included:

  • Opening Plenary on climate science, policy, and impacts, including how our climate outlook impacts critical food systems issues such as equity, health, migration, political unrest, hunger.
  • The launch of a major research study on Climate Change and Food Systems with recommendations on global and national climate responses to mitigate climate change in order to avoid catastrophic global temperatures, and to create an environment in which food systems can indeed be resilient and adapt.
  • Plenaries on frameworks for change from Philanthropy, Business, Government, Civil Society, and Academia, showcasing solutions and climate-positive pathways to change.
  • Breakout sessions on how to harness the power of True Cost Accounting, Health and Well-being, Agrobiodiversity, Animal Agriculture, Beacons of Hope, and Food and Climate Movements toward a more climate friendly future of food.
  • An emphasis on dialogue, interaction, solutions, and realizing positive change.

A summary report of the event will be released in early Summer 2017.