2050: Visions for Global Food Systems Tranformation

Food has been a life force for our families, cultures, and societies for millenia. But profound changes in the way food is grown, processed, distributed, and wasted over the last several decades have led to increasing threats to a future of food that is sustainable, secure, and equitable, particularly when coupled with climate change and shifting global economics, politics, and demographics.

We need to do things differently.

There are many actors who have developed visions for the future of food we both want and need, but often these visions relate to particular regions, parts of the value chain, issues, or sectoral interests. The Global Alliance has initiated the 2050: Visions for Global Food Systems Transformation project to generate visions for the future of food that are:

  • Global in scope;
  • Systemic in nature;
  • Collaborative;
  • Inspiring, useful, and filled with possibility; and
  • Reflect multiple, and diverse, cross-sectoral voices and realities.

We are currently seeking input from our vast and diverse networks across borders and disciplines to help craft innovative, inspiring, bold, transformative visions for a healthy, equitable, renewable, resilient, and culturally diverse future of food shaped by people, communities, and their institutions. The visions are not intended to be a deep piece of research but informed by work that has been done previously, is ongoing, or under development, as well as inspired by new, bold thinking.

This is a phased, generative project which will initially provide critical input to the work of the Global Alliance, and has the potential to serve as a tool for others working towards addressing critical issues that relate to the future of food.

Letters of Intent are due 8 June 2018.