Global Alliance for the Future of Food commissions Tasting the Future to engage diverse partners and stakeholders to identify systemic solutions that promote healthy food systems

22 October 2018

The Global Alliance for the Future of Food is pleased to announce that sustainable food systems consultant, Tasting the Future, is the successful respondent to a request for proposals to explore “Systemic Solutions for Healthy Food Systems: The positive health benefits and impacts of sustainable food systems.” Through this work the Global Alliance seeks to amplify the fundamental role that food systems play in creating health and well-being in all ecosystems, human and non-human.

This work will build on the report commissioned by the Global Alliance and authored by IPES-Food, Unravelling the Food-Health Nexus: Addressing practices, political economy, and power relations to build healthier food systems .

“By convening diverse actors working at the food-health nexus, we aim to amplify the positive benefits of food systems and advance understanding of food system policies and reform strategies that support sustainable food systems,” says Lauren Baker, Global Alliance Director of Programs.

The project will, in consultation with diverse partners and stakeholders:

  1. Document the positive health benefits and impacts of food systems
  2. Identify success stories that demonstrate how food systems can be managed for health; and
  3. Highlight policies and pathways that promote health.

The Tasting the Future team includes project lead, Mark Driscoll, Fiona Dowson and Modi Mwatsama. The team brings over 20 years’ experience working internationally on sustainable food and agricultural systems with international organisations including WWF, Forum for the Future, and UK Health Forum. They have worked with governments and the private sector on policy development and led international collaborative project teams, such as the Protein Challenge 2040 initiative.

“We are really excited to be undertaking this important work, drawing from our unique combination of research and stakeholder engagement expertise,” says Driscoll.

The research and stakeholder engagement supported by the Tasting the Future team will generate key insights and inputs for discussion by the Global Alliance and partners at meetings, through webinars, at a major convening in the fall of 2019, and at the Global Alliance’s next International Dialogue.

For more information contact Lauren Baker, Global Alliance Director of Programs: