Monitoring & Evaluation

For the Global Alliance, planning and evaluation are one continual process, an iterative feedback loop that supports the complexities of working towards systems change.

As a collaboration of philanthropic foundations that have come together to make positive change in a complex systems-context at the global scale, we have adopted a developmental evaluation approach that allows us to seize strategic opportunities and track developments as they happen.

Developmental evaluation supports our work by:

  • Giving us practical tools to monitor and evaluate progress in order to asses our strategy, contributions and collective impact;
  • Pushing us to regularly adapt and improve our work by continuously encouraging active reflection as part of our planning process; and,
  • Tracking key milestones and outcomes, including unanticipated developments, ripple effects, and lessons learned.

Our evaluation approach has been central to the Global Alliance’s growth and evolution as an organization, and allows us to engage together with a focus on action, build learning into the process, continually gain a deeper understanding of complex system dynamics, and respond by being opportunistic and nimble.

To enhance our learning and to better understand how to bring a global and systems perspective to our work on accelerating transitions to sustainable systems at the global scale, the Global Alliance has taken on a Blue Marble Evaluator to bring cutting-edge thinking to how we continue to approach our work and map the way forward.

Developmental Evaluation focuses our attention on people who are trying to bring about major change. We work with those involved to interpret what is happening and judge what is working and not working, and thereby adapt, learn, and move forward.

Michael Quinn Patton

Global Alliance Monitoring & Evaluation Consultant and Founder/Director of Utilization-Focused Evaluation