Funding Model

The Global Alliance engages deeply and strategically, investing where we see opportunities to accelerate the transition to more sustainable food and agriculture systems.

The Global Alliance for the Future of Food is not a grant-maker. We are a unique coalition where individual foundations are able to amplify their work, act globally, and take a position on pressing issues without compromising their own unique missions.

Our members work on issues and at scales ranging from women’s empowerment in West Africa to large-scale supply chains out of South America, to addressing the root causes of climate change.  As members of the Global Alliance, they continue to work autonomously towards the goals and mandates set by their individual foundation boards.

Together, we work collectively to apply strategic funding to global, systemic priorities identified by members. We do not have a pooled fund, nor do we accept unsolicited proposals. Instead, we work together with others to proactively forge new insights and strengthen evidence for global systems change, convene food system actors to facilitate meaningful dialogue, and stimulate local and global action for transformational change.

Several of the foundations involved in the Global Alliance have spearheaded the creation of pooled funds to connect and strengthen the work of organizations with shared interests on food system reform.