Dancing with food systems transformation in a time of global crises

We are at a critical moment in history. A contested moment. A fragile moment. A moment full of anxiety, decision-making, way-finding, stock-taking, soul-searching, and needing to attend to the deep imperative to create a brighter and more beautiful future. Food systems transformation is central to this agenda given its undeniable links to climate, migration, zoonotic disease, biodiversity loss – the myriad global emergencies which we currently face. Donella Meadows’s Dancing With Systems holds deep relevance for all of us now. Against the backdrop of our commitment to food systems transformation and the global coronavirus pandemic, here’s my take on translating Meadows’s deep wisdom on 14 ways we must learn to dance with food systems transformation in a time of global crises. There is no more urgent time for philanthropy to know and face the realities of the Anthropocene and dance accordingly.

Ruth Richardson